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Press On Nails

Press On Nails

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feature9: stick on nails


feature8: Fashion Manicure nail tips

feature7: y2k nails press on

feature6: Acrylic Nail Tips

feature5: Ballerina False Nails

feature4: Detachable Fake Nails

feature3: fake nails with designs

feature2: fake nail Extension tool

feature10: fake nails with free shipping

feature1: Glitter Coffin False Nails

Type: Full Nail Tips

Size: normal

Quantity: 24pcs



Step 1. Clean your nails with an alcohol cleaning kit

Step 2. Select the jelly glue and nail patch suitable for the size of the nail (the size of the nail is reduced from 0-9, 0 is the largest and 9 is the smallest)

Step 3. Put the glue/jelly glue on the nail surface or the inside of the nail patch

Step 4. Look at the internal measurement numbers of the nail patch, with the number side facing outwards, stick it on the nail surface along the root

Extraction method:

Step: Use debonding agent


1. Do not touching water within2 hours after wearing

2. Do not soak in warm water for a long time after wearing

3. The nails are thin and there is no trace when folded, so please be careful when you shoots

4. The color of the picture is slightly inaccurate due to light and other reasons, so please take it carefully

5. The outer end of some nails may be slightly protruding due to production reasons, just use a nail file to grind it away




Package Included

1x Nail Patch set


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